Tai Tong Country Park has been in Hong Kong for decades. It provides services and facilities for barbecues, orienteering sports and hiking trails for the people in Hong Kong.


With the changes in the living habits of people nowadays, the increase in population and the shortage of land supply, many country parks are gradually facing the crisis of being eliminated or changing land use due to urbanization. According to the survey, although many Hong Kong people will still visit country parks, the most common activity in the country parks is hiking. On the contrary, the use of barbecue services has a downward trend. At present, the main users of Tai Tong Country Park are the local residents, middle-aged and elderly people, orienteers and crowds in a specified period such as Mid-Autumn Festival. The demand for barbecue venues is gradually decreasing.


Re-Design-Tai Tong Country Park-想躺.賞棠

However, in recent years, the beautiful scenery of red leaves in late autumn has become a popular shooting spot for Hong Kong people, which has raised awareness of country park in the new generation.


In view of this, this project aims to attract younger generations through innovative and interactive experiences in a creative way to educate the importance of protecting the natural while promoting Tai Tong Country Park.

As the current design of the Tai Tong Country Park is mostly based on the needs of the past decades, it is mainly focusing on blending into the natural environment and making good use of natural resources and materials. Although these design considerations can protect the natural environment, it lacks recognition and consistency. Therefore, this project proposes that Tai Tong Country Park can refer to overseas examples, such as Japan and Taiwan, the mixing of nature and art to help to develop a new image of country park in Hong Kong.

The thrid category is "Fun in Tai Tong", it is a  checkpoint orienteering games. Users can collect the species of Tai Tong through AR function while learning the background of the species. Users can also make use of the AR function to take photos with the special species. It will be an innovative way to let people know more about the nature.


This is the page to show the species that users collected from the AR function. It categorized into 4, which are birds, plants, mammal, and insects. The image would be shown and unlocked if the species are collected by the users. With a certain amount of collection, users can trade for souvenirs in the information center.


The biggest constraint in improving the facilities would be the budget. Since there will be a large scale of changing designs and materials. 

Also, some areas of the country park are managed by different departments, it is difficult to have integrated and comprehensive planning.

Besides, there is a certain difficulty due to the geographic limitation. For example, there are slopes to some of the sites, which is not convenient for disabilities. The needs of the elderly and people with disabilities should be considered a high priority of the development.

Furthermore, it will be challenging to manage the balance between preserving the environment and the consistency of design.


Since there would be a variety of users with different backgrounds after promoting Tai Tong Country Park, bilingual wordings are needed to cater for the different needs of user.

The consistency of design style is important for a successful brand identity. Meanwhile, the balance of aesthetic and readability in design is challenging as well.


We hope that this project could raise the public awareness of the country parks in Hong Kong. Promoting country parks are also one of the choices for relaxing during the holiday. It can be a place that people can enjoy the tranquility in the hustle and bustle of modern life. The place that can spend time with friends and family while experiencing the nature.

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