A Virtual book reader for blind

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Braille reader is a virtual book reader for blind, package include a blinding glass and rolling braille. The blinding glass translate world into sound while the rolling braille translate word into braille.

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Pain Points

- Limited number of braille book/ voice recorded book

- Braille book is expensive

- Limited number of languages translation of braille

- Hard to find where to stopped reading in braille book

- Hard to share the information in braille book with others    who are not blind

- Hard to control the speed of the audio record 

- Hard to find people to speck for them 


How to use

This glasses can scan the real book and use the TTS technology to convert words into sound and delivery it by sound vibration of the temple. Blind therefore can read the real book by the glasses.

W the cooperation of control panel, users can control the sound speed, volume and the direction of the audio.

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The magnetic lens allows users to change the lens with different colour, which can look after the needs of semi-Blind.

Different from traditional tap - like braille reader, this braille reader is build up in round shape. only display one-row braille, with cooperate with the control panel, the displayed braille will change to an other row.

In this way, no need to provide a big braille display space and therefore make the product to be small in scale and easy-carried.

The braille pillar will be dynamically stimulated by EAP technology to form different braille.

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How to use

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