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CABINO-Modular Furniture Design

Cabino is an all-in-one smart customisable system that is designed to save space inside a small home. It comes in three modular cabinets which are attached one above other using a magnetic hinge system. This allows in giving endless design possibilities to choose from.

The lower half is a sofa which can be expanded to for a bed during the night. Middle unit is a wall furniture

unit which is a revolving l hinge which helps in creating a private space for the user. Smart in wall furniture has a folding study table and a chair which allows them to study. The upper half is a bunk bed which is opened and closed using a ladder attached to it.

Additionally, the ladder and left wall structured hinge help in providing support to it. It has expandable railings on bunk bed providing safety

to the user.

Playful mattress in a bunk bed provides a playful area for children that they can enjoy by building objects using different coloured cubes.

In conclusion, Cabino is designed to cater to different need of the user such as privacy, entertainment, sleep etc. in a smart space-saving manner.

Case Study & Ideas

Existing bed required a lot of space.

Removing the old furniture. Provided new design directions to explore.

Adding smart sofa bed with a moving hinge which can be opened when children want to study, helped in creating a private space by diving the floor plan.

Since the aim was to reduce the footprint area. Adding a smart folding bunk bed using a " V hinge " system on top the study area allowed to reduce the space. Also made a room for the family to fit in a cabinet and television on the front which they can sit and watch on the sofa.

Foldable Bed






bunk bed


Modular System

All in one cabinet solution tries to combine different product into a uniform modular solution. The product comes in three different part which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the product. Also, allowing the user to changes the cabinet according to their needs. Uniform design system allows in saving space inside small homes.


Cabino system design uses different types of folding and magnet hinges. Which are hidden inside the cabinet in order to give the consistency to design, A " V " hinge is used inside the bunk bed which helps in closing and opening the bed with the use of the ladder. The use of magnets helps in connecting the cabinets together. Therefore, giving it a seamless design look.

Playful Mattress

Smart Furniture Wall


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This part of design aims to create a playful area for kids, the design combined with other direction, the part tangram can combine with the part of Tetris mattress, the tangram is made by hard plastic and Tetris combine with mattress with soft plastic shell and velcro, the cube is not actually connected like Tetris, but it is the theme of the design, by using this design, children can combine a table, chair or house, whatever they want.

Semi-open area

Inside this semi-open area, users can study here by using the furniture wall.

Furniture wall is a wall that able to carry flat furniture. This wall contains two chairs and one table. Users can pull out the chair from the wall. When they do not need to use it, they can fold it and stick back to the wall again. Users do not need to find an extra place to store the chairs and the table.

The whole system can be easily disassembled for transportation. Which further allows a customer to customise it according to their needs

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