In working environment, people needs to require using computer or laptop as daily routine. They always spend 6 to 8 hours to sitting in front of computer in average. 


Therefore, an appropriate working environment to duel with long duration sitting and computer is important for them. An inappropriate sitting posture can cause serious physical discomfort such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, carpal tunnel syndrome and spinal disc herniation etc. 


Brand Positioning statement

To user who want to maintain a proper neck and shoulder position and listen to music while studying or working. Our brand’s neck posture corrector are more appealing than other brands of similar products because our product is custom fit using the 3D scanning technology, and allows the user to listen to music via speaker or bone-conduction earphones.

資產 2.png
資產 2.png

Secure back head

X-shape conduction device fit in by 3D scan data, can cover in any angle and also provide support at the back.

資產 2.png
資產 2.png

Skull conduction technology

An option to give you privacy and allows you to hear sound through the vibration of the bones of your face (jaw bones and cheek bones). This means that the sound waves are bypassing the outer and middle ear (where the eardrum is located) and
directly stimulating the inner ear (hearing organ).

NECTHREE is a Shoulder and neck supporter with speaker and headphone. It can provide support to the neck and user’s shoulders. It will be designed to keep the user’s head straight and shoulders relaxed. Also, it can enhance their working and resting


Neck support

Control panel interface

3 touch buttons refer to volume up, play/pause, volume down. Battery light to show the remaining battery. It place in left side to let user working and changing and control it smoothly.

A perfect fit structure which used of the neck scan data. The support provide appropriate angle for table work which can share the weight of the head and let the neck rest in a healthy posture if you want.


Health care

Neck free




Enhance experience



Up to 16 hours of battery life

Fit in every working environment


Volume up


Volume down

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