PAN-O/ Ergonomic Dustpan Design

Cleaning is an important activity in day-to-day domestic as well as professional lives. It has positive effects on the productivity and quality of work as well as ergonomics and safety at worksites.

Awkward postures may lead to high demands of energy expenditure and develop high work stress on cleaners which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, such as upper limb disorders, lower limb disorders and less job satisfaction which can affect the productivity and quality of the work.

Origami Design

Pan-O stands at a neutral 92cm, it decreases the load of the lower back by not requiring the person to bend and arch his back, it also has foot support to hold the pan upright and broom with a single hand, thus decreasing effort. Being washable, the dustpan is easy to clean and store away by simply hanging. Being washable, the dustpan is easy to clean and store away by simply hanging.

Space Saving

We found that people always bow their backs to have control of their brooms with one hand or face trouble to control dustpan and broom at the same time. The score of REBA shows that the most stress part is Lower arm, wrist, leg , and neck. The total score indicates high risk.

PAN-O is designed to improve gesture of using both broom and garbage shovel, reduce unnecessary and tiring movement on sweeping and minimize the tools for saving space.

Hand Free

X Twist Hand

Easy to Clean

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Regular dustpans have a straight cut base which leaves a line of dirt at the end of brooming, Pan-O has an inward ‘V’ shape with the help of which the user can get spotless floor in 3 swipes of the broom.

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