Sdort is a combination of words “sport” and “dog”, it is an experience design for the dog owner to create a healthy urban lifestyle by making their dog their fitness partner, Sdort include a smart dog harness with leash, a smart wrist band, shoe clip, two removable and chargeable sensor cores and corresponding apps. These help to create a dog owners’ community, guide users the right way to exercise with their dog, calculate their exercise results and set them a daily exercise goal by monitoring their biometric. 

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5.You share and communicate with other dog owner on the Sdort
social media and check other people ranking (level up by calorie

The glowing function of the built-in leash can alert driver when the dog crossroad alone, to avoid car crash.

The leash will auto restore to harness when owner let go the leash handle accidentally.

Retractor allow user to
lock the leash by high
speed force.

1.Fill in your dog and your basic informations.

2.The app would recommend you
the human&dog exercise with different exercise level according to your biometrics, you could share your own way to
exercise with the dog by filming.

3.The user guideline would lead you to connect and wear those sensors step by step

4.It will provide you the real time fitness metric monitoring when you connect those sensors, you can get different fitness report and advice from the user page.


A new experience to exercise with your dog

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Sensor core contains LED light, battery, gyroscope, Bluetooth and magnet, the core of dog harness and wrist band can be taken out and fixed in by the magnet.

Sensor core

A wrist band is a trendy item in sports fashion, by combining it with the wearable techology, it becomes a smart monitor.

The cutting edge conductive yarn silver-based thread connects those washable accelerometer sensors together.

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When the dog is too tired to
exercise, the light of the dog icon would turn red to
remind the owner to take a

Wrist band sensor

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Sensor charger

Foot clip sensor

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Foot clip sensor is a step counter that can clip on any shoe.

User will be requested to wear it when the exercise is counted by foot movement.

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2 in 1 dog harness

The dog harness is designed to have built-in dog leash and washable accelerometer sensors

to monitor the dog's biometrics.

The add-on sensor core provides battery to the leash and sensors to transfer information to the app.

The harness can be used with or without the sensor core.

Along with the development of economy, citizens are now responding to multiple roles, such as somebody's child, friend, parent, student, employee...... They are exhausted by their roles, especially their working and family responsibilities and thus, lack of time and patient with exercise. Research has shown that the majority of citizen did not obtain sufficient exercise to maintain health. Citizens’ inactive exercise attitude would directly affect their dog exercise frequency, and thus, their health too. As a result, the owner should carry the responsibility to create an active exercise attitude with their dog.

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